Backend as a Service provided by makes it easier to develop beautiful mobile, tablet, and web apps - data sharing for mobile devices and apps just got easy - THUNDERCLOUD is your cloud for sharing mobile application data. setup your free keys and get inter app data exchange and advertisement.ThunderCloud, mobile advertising and analytics. New mobile ad exchange for your apps based on your app data. Thundercloud_logo64
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cloud data sharing for mobile apps

mobile apps app keys info for end user info for publishers mobile advertisement

by bridging the 'data-gap' between mobile apps utilizing a custom key-value pair data cloud - mobile apps sharing app data

current crazy ratio: 7.5 - Apps: #6 - EndUser: #45


ThunderCloud is a custom Key-Value-Pair Database. App developers & publishers can set up their own, unique keys and make them available to other apps. App data sharing just got a whole lot easier!



We conceptualized & produced ThunderCloud to metaphorically explode the power of the stand-alone app. By allowing apps to store, access and share app-keys across multiple user devices apps can now work in tandem to offer brand new and ├╝ber-powerful user experiences. The possibilities for app-logic and app-flow with ThunderCloud are endless!



ThunderCloud lets you setup all your apps and associated keys and store their data. From then on you can post as much as you want and access other apps' keys and data too. It's a simple idea with huge ramifications!